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Clintronics Pro Audio specializes in amp repair. With 30+ years of experience and a dedication to quality service, we are your go-to destination for all your audio equipment needs.

Professional Amp Repair

Trust our experts for amp repair, speaker reconing, vintage stereo repair, and more.

Authorized Marshall amp Service

We are the only authorized warranty center in Virginia

JJ Tubes Sales

Get high-quality JJ tubes for your equipment to enhance your sound performance and tone.

I highly recommend Clintronics in Richmond for amp repair. Clint has broad knowledge and experience with all kinds of amps. My 1971 Ampeg SVT had started making weird sounds which made it unusable. I took it in to get the Clint treatment, and now it sounds terrific! It's clear, clean, and powerful. We got talking and I learned that he once worked with John at Carruthers Guitars, Southern California's legendary luthier, where I had a P-Bass set-up in 1979 when the Bruce Hornsby Band was working with Mike Post in Hollywood. Cool to know that Clint has worked with some of the best!

Bobby Hornsby

Just got my vintage Marshall head and a Fender amp back from the shop, Clint did an amazing job! Amps are fixed and singing again. Highly recommended!

Gyom Amphoux


Any and All repairs to Amps etc. Best in Va.

Tommy Bryant

Common Repairs

Examples of some of our repairs: KRK ROKIT8, QSC KW153